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Technical Applications Bulletin

We are very pleased to share the new AirSpade Technical Applications Bulletin with you! Chock full of advice from expert arborists, renowned landscape architects and members of the AirSpade team, our 43-page guide showcases how to best use compressed air-powered excavation for arboricultural site works. Learn the ins and outs of utilizing an AirSpade for radial trenching, root collar excavation, root pruning, urban soil replacement, air tilling, vertical mulching, bare rooting, and more! Read more

Urban Tree Soil Replacement

Soil science and planting technologies for urban trees have undergone tremendous advancement in the last several years. For example, engineered structural soils can resist compaction from traffic or bear the weight of pavement or  Read more

Bare Rooting and Transplanting

Bare rooting is a procedure used to relocate or remove soil around existing trees. Use of an AirSpade for bare rooting is the best way to minimize damage to the tree’s root system and the most efficient technique available.  Read more

Root Pruning

Construction or maintenance work that makes intrusions into a tree’s root zone will benefit from use of an AirSpade. Air-spading is safe to the tree’s roots and a highly efficient method to perform exploratory excavation to locate existing  Read more

Root Collar Excavation

Trees commonly suffer when the grade is set too high against their root flare or root collar. This can occur when trees are planted at the wrong elevation or when trees subside due to improper compaction below the root ball when they are Read more