Safety Features

Every AirSpade is equipped with the following safety features: 

Dead-Man Trigger

Drop a home-made air lance in the full on position and it has the potential to "whip" and cause serious injury. AirSpade incorporates a dead-man trigger which immediately shuts off the air supply if released.

Lightweight Construction

Home-made air lances made from heavy, iron pipe accelerate operator fatigue and that's when accidents are most likely to occur. AirSpade's lightweight aluminum and fiberglass construction minimizes weight making it easier to use for longer periods of time.

Thermal Insulation

Ask any arborist or underground utility worker—air-excavation tools can get hot! AirSpade's thermally insulated handle and fiberglass barrel provides superior thermal protection, enabling operators to work longer and more effectively.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable, ergonomic tools are safe tools. AirSpade's ergonomic design minimizes musculoskeletal stress and maximizes operator comfort.

Electrical Insulation

How would you like to uncover an underground electric cable with an uninsulated, iron pipe air lance? When properly used, AirSpade's insulated fiberglass barrel provides a degree of protection from electric shock hazard.

Compressed Air

Air SafeCompressed air is a very powerful but potentially dangerous utility. Has that home-made air lance been tested and certified to operate at 100 psi? AirSpade has. Enough said!