Try Before You Buy


Buyer makes $3,600 - $4,600 Pre-payment:
Pre-payment covers the following 2 charges:

  • Freight Charge – $600 - $1,600*: 
    Charge covers 2-way ground freight to ship AirSpade Vac to and from Buyer location. If the Unit is purchased, 50% of Freight Charge will be credited towards Purchase Price. 

    *Pending location within continental US and Canada

  • Security Deposit – $3,000
    Charge ensures that AirSpade Vac, if returned, is received in “like new” condition. Unit returned damaged or in unclean condition may forfeit some or all of the Security Deposit. If Unit is purchased, entire $3,000 Security Deposit will be credited towards the Purchase Price.

30-Day Performance Evaluation Period :

30-day performance evaluation period of AirSpade Vac starts on date of delivery. 

Keep or Return AirSpade Vac :

If Unit meets Buyer performance requirements, Buyer purchases the Unit.  Buyer credit card is charged Purchase Price minus 50% Freight Charge and $3,000 Security Deposit.  

If Unit fails to meet Buyer performance requirements, Unit is returned. Security Deposit not forfeited is refunded to Buyer.


Complete terms and conditions of this program are outlined in AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE WITH OPTION TO RETURN FOR REFUND. Return completed form to

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