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Prior to starting any underground excavation always contact Dig Safe
first. Dial 811 or contact the local (statewide) Dig Safe One Call
Center (see adjacent tables).*
Calling Dig Safe is simple and free. After being contacted, facility
representative(s) will visit the job site and identify the location of
underground facilities in the immediate area. Failure to contact Dig
Safe could result in serious injuries, damages to existing underground
facilities, and/or costly fines.

Alabama 800-292-8525
Alaska 800-478-3121
Arizona 800-782-5348
Arkansas 800-482-8998
California NORTH 800-642-2444
California SOUTH 800-422-4133
Colorado 800-922-1987
Connecticut 800-922-4455
Delaware 800-282-8555
Florida 800-432-4770
Georgia 800-282-7411
Hawaii 866-423-7287
Idaho 800-342-1585
Illinois 800-892-0123
Indiana 800-382-5544
Iowa 800-292-8989
Kansas 800-344-7233
Kentucky 800-752-6007
Louisiana 800-272-3020
Maine 888-344-7233
Maryland 800-257-7777

* Be aware that Dig Safe phone numbers and web sites
are subject to change.