AirSpade Vac Excavator - 2000 Arborist Kit (AVU16540KTA)

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AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit
AirSpade Vac Excavator - 2000 Arborist Kit (AVU16540KTA)
AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit
AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit
AirSpade Vac Excavator - 2000 Arborist Kit (AVU16540KTA)
AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit
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AirSpade Vac Excavator and AirSpade 2000 – the ideal combination to safely uncover sensitive tree roots and underground objects without harm.

Powered by a 185 cfm tow-behind compressor, AirSpade Vac is the mobile alternative to large, expensive vacuum trucks. Effectively vacuums up to 2 cubic ft/min of spoils including dirt, sand, gravel, small rocks, and muck. Featuring a powerful venturi vacuum engine, with no motors or moving parts to wear out, AirSpade Vac boasts an 11 cubic ft. (82 gallon) tank with extra-wide dump door. Compact, lightweight and maneuverable, loading the AirSpade Vac onto a pickup truck is a cinch.

AirSpade 2000 digs faster and more efficiently than competitive tools. Featuring the patented, supersonic nozzle, AirSpade 2000 is effective in virtually all soils and even hard clays. Ideal for sensitive arboreal work including vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration.

Made in USA.

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  • AIRVAC: Heavy-duty, all aluminum construction with 82 gallon tank
  • AIRVAC: 24" x 16" dump door
  • AIRVAC: Removable, venturi vacuum engine assembly
  • AIRVAC: 15" diameter pneumatic tires
  • AIRVAC: 4" ID x 15 ft heavy-duty, lightweight vacuum hose
  • AIRVAC: 4" ID x 4 ft clear plastic vacuum wand
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Ergonomic, pistol-grip style handle with soft rubber grip
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Comfortable, dead-man trigger
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Lightweight, fiberglass barrel with adjustable dirt shield
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Extra-hardened, 150 cfm stainless steel supersonic nozzle
  • (1) AirVac Engine and Tank Assembly
  • (1) 4" x 15' Lightweight Vacuum Hose
  • (1) 4' Vacuum Wand
  • (1) Operations Manual
  • (1) HT130 - AirSpade 2000 150 cfm
Part Number Inlet Min. Compressor Required (hp) Noise Level (dB) Flow (cfm) Vacuum Lift (in H20) Dimensions
(L" x W" x H")
Weight (lbs)
Part Number AVU16540KTA Inlet 3/4/2023 Min. Compressor Required (hp) 36 Noise Level (dB) 99 Flow (cfm) 750 Vacuum Lift (in H20) 262 Dimensions
(L" x W" x H")
79 X 38 X 61.5
Weight (lbs) 225